Your Online Guide to Buying Discount Soccer Shorts

Any shorts are fine for pickup soccer fun with friends, but if you're serious about soccer, playing on club teams and traveling to national tournaments, you'll need real soccer shorts – performance-enhancing Soccer Shorts made specifically for soccer, with your team colors and designs.

Soccer shorts come in two styles:

  • Traditional "boxer" design Soccer Shorts, which are relatively loose-fitting for freedom of movement and are made of woven polyester to wick away moisture.
  • "Compression" soccer shorts, which resemble form-fitting cycling shorts, are made of elasticized material such as spandex or a nylon/spandex blend. Thigh-length compression shorts are available with sewn-in hip and kidney padding. By "compressing" leg and hip muscles, compression shorts are believed to reduce chafing, muscle injuries and fatigue, a problem for the more advanced soccer athlete.

Both "regular" and compression Soccer Shorts are available online in a wide range of colors and styles, and at discount, sale prices. Popular name-brands for Soccer Shorts include Umbro, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Primo Sport, and Diadora and are regularly on sale at various suppliers.

Like all sportswear, the fit of Soccer Shorts is paramount. In choosing traditional Soccer Shorts, make sure the inseam (measured from the crotch of the shorts to the bottom of the leg) allows for plenty of movement without being baggy. For men's soccer shorts, inseams typically measure about 5 inches; for women's shorts, a little less; for kids, usually 3-4 inches.

Waist fit is also critical. Soccer shorts typically have elasticized waist bands (secured by drawstrings). If the waist size is too small, your midsection will feel cramped after two minutes of play. The waist band should fit comfortably - snug enough to prevent slipping but not so tight as to cause discomfort. If you’re thinking you’re getting a better deal buy purchasing soccer shorts on sale, even if they don’t fit comfortably, you are wrong. Sure buying Soccer Shorts strictly based on sale price may not put a dent in your wallet, but it will surely put a dent in your performance. That is why we recommend going with name-brand Soccer Shorts when possible.

Elasticized Compression Soccer Shorts are of course intended to hug the hips and thighs. They should not, however, be so tight that they pinch the skin and cut off circulation! Allow extra room at the waistline and crotch for movement: Compression Soccer Shorts should not sag anywhere, but if they're tight in these critical areas, you'll definitely be sorry!

Most online suppliers of discount Soccer Shorts provide size guidelines to help you achieve an ideal fit, whatever style of soccer shorts you choose. When you buy Soccer Shorts online from suppliers, they are typically very good about letting you return items if they do not fit properly, as long as they have not been worn. And again, be weary of ill-fitting Soccer Shorts on sale – they may seem like a good deal upfront, but if the fit isn’t perfect, you won’t play your best.