Find soccer socks online at low discount prices

Socks and socks, right? Not when you're playing soccer. The distinctive knee-high socks required in regulation soccer have several important functions:

  • Soccer socks help hold in place the shin guards that protect the player's legs from cuts and bruises. (As a bonus - By covering the shin guards, sock significantly improve the game's aesthetics.)
  • With their sturdy construction and over-the-calf coverage, socks provide additional leg protection of their own.
  • Socks absorb moisture, cushion the feet and help prevent blisters.

Tips for selecting soccer socks that are right for you:

  • Opt for quality. Even top-quality soccer socks are available online at low discount prices, and you'll notice the difference.
  • High-quality socks are available with a range of features that add comfort, durability and support. Some contain microfibers or other advanced fiber blends that absorb and release perspiration; soles, toes and heels padded for extra comfort; and built-in arch supports to reduce stress and fatigue.
  • Although soccer socks must be elastic enough to support shin guards and resist slipping, avoid socks with a tight elastic band in the top. Quality socks stay up without restricting blood circulation.
  • Socks are often sold in packages of several pairs. Once you find the size, brand and features that work for you, buy two or more packages so that you can launder socks after each use and still have a couple of clean pairs for practice and play.